AIOU Degree Tracking 2023

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AIOU Degree Tracking 2023, In the majority of cases, students are able to receive their diplomas at home with no difficulties. Allama Iqbal Open University Degree Tracking System (DTS) is created to assist students to find the exact location of their degree and the date they are now. All the details are available on In some instances, students are not receiving the degree. With this hyperlink, you can learn about his application process and her application. To address this issue, Allama Iqbal Open University created its AIOU Degree Tracking (AIOU-DTS) system which allows students to easily monitor the status of their degree online.

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It’s actually a contemporary technology that was developed to facilitate the coordination of students who don’t have to worry if their AIOU Sanad was not accepted. If you’re one of the students who did not receive their diploma and are searching for a method to trace the process? In order to ensure that the students do not feel any stress or feeling lonely when they are not awarded their diplomas. the fields of study that are relevant to them.

AIOU Degree Tracking System DTS

They include Matriculation Intermediate, Bachelor Master, master which includes 9th and 10th courses, FA, ICS, ICOM, DCOM, FSC, BA, BBA, BSC, BCOM, B.Ed, MA, MBA, MCOM, M.Ed, PHIL, Ph.D. the whole trade once you have completed and passed the tests they require. The most simple and straightforward method to keep track of the progress of an AIOu degree is through DTS. DTS system. After completing the application when you submit your application with the required fees to the bank challan forms and receive the token number recorded to be used for any conditions or terms that you need it. Degree Tracking

You can find it in the feature. The system will help you locate the exact place of your degree such as where it’s located at your university or in your local post office. If you are unable to get an AIOU degree in a month, students are able to examine AIOU Sanad Tracking online at DTS (Degree Tracking System) was established within Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamabad in order to the assistance of students. There are many methods of finding out the location of your degree and the best way to get it.

AIOU DTS Degree Tracking System Online

It’s all on us to apply for the additional procedure to receive an AIOU BA Sanad degree. AIOU ba Sanad and AIOU ma degree. this procedure is explained in this easy process is explained for students. We will go over the full process for monitoring your education and assist you in using AIOU’s AIOU tracker to earn your degree in the right way. Student, AIOU offers a variety of beneficial services that can be used for free. They do not have to visit the campus for work of a small amount.

aiou certificate degree section

They can complete a variety of tasks online and avail of the services for free. One of their useful services can be the DTS system that tracks the degree. The system explains why you didn’t get your degree, and also the location of it. It also identifies the degree that was rejected or the reason for the rejection. So, it is recommended to use this method to get accurate information regarding your degree. The DTS is a highly effective system that helps you track AIOU degrees.

AIOU Degree Tracking

AIOU Degree Tracking System DTS

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How to Track AIOU Degree using DTS

  • Follow the steps and track your degree using the online DTS system.
  • Visit the AIOU DTS tracking system website.
  • Click on the “In Process Applications” link
  • to see the box “View Application Status for PC/degree.”
  • Enter Your degree tracking ID or Roll number
  • Submit the “View PC/Degree Application Status” button
  • Now you will see the complete information regarding your degree status.
  • You will see your PRC/Transcript No, Post/Courier No Dispatch Date, and Degree No.
AD In Education Check Online
B.A Check Online
B.ED Check Online
BS/BSCS Check Online
C.T Check Online
DIP IN EDU Check Online
F.A Check Online
Matric Check Online
P.G.D Check Online
P.T.C Check Online
Post Graduate Check Online

AIOU Degree Form

It is possible to use this software to track the status of your degree. It has useful features that all AIOU students can utilize to benefit. Here are some of the advantages that you can get from DTS. The system for tracking certificates gives you all the information regarding your education. These details are extremely helpful as they allow you to identify whether your degree is being dispatched or not. If it’s dispatched, then it will be located. Therefore, we’ll utilize this information to determine further the amount of Courier/Office as well as TCS Centre.

How to Find Degree Dispatch

If you receive this message “Dear Student, Your PC/Degree has been Dispatched at your given address, if not yet delivered to you, please contact your concerned Post Courier/Office or TCS Centre.” This means that you must verify your degree with the Post office.

aiou degree verification tracking

Allama Iqbal Open University makes everything available online, meaning that students don’t have to go to the university to complete small tasks. The university offers a variety of services that students can avail of at no cost and obtain all the information needed. A degree-tracking system is a great example of how it helps to cut down hours for students.

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