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Posted by | Mohsin on | April 20, 2024

CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells, The Chief Minister of Punjab has initiated a Solar Scheme tailored for farmers to power their tubewells across Pakistan. A pivotal segment of the Roshan Gharana Scheme, the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme aims to empower approximately 50,000 farmers in the region. By embracing solar energy, farmers can adopt sustainable farming practices while significantly diminishing their reliance on traditional energy sources. Seize this transformative opportunity! Visit the Bank of Punjab, get a form, and join the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme for a sustainable future.

Important Features of the Punjab Solar Panel ProgramCM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells

In a groundbreaking move aimed at transforming the agricultural sector, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched the long-awaited Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers, specifically targeting tubewells. Dubbed the Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme, this innovative endeavor seeks to revolutionize farming practices across the region by providing solar panels to deserving and disadvantaged farmers.

Important Features of the Punjab Solar Panel Program

Due to the following crucial factors, farmers can now access solar panels under this system with unprecedented ease:

  • Farmers are required to make a modest initial down payment of 25% to acquire a solar system.
  • Farmers have the option to repay the investment over five years, as the Punjab government covers the remaining seventy-five percent of the total cost.
  • An equitable distribution of solar panel installations among eligible customers is guaranteed through an open lottery mechanism, ensuring equal access to this renewable energy source.
  • Qualified customers who meet the eligibility criteria will receive solar panels along with all necessary components, including batteries, inverters, and other solar gadgets.

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How to Apply for Free Solar Panel Government Scheme 2024?

Simply follow these straightforward steps to encourage farmers keen on harnessing solar energy for their tube wells to sign up for the program:

  • Enroll in the Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme by visiting the nearest branch of the Bank of Punjab.
  • Farmers who register their solar systems and make the mandatory 25 percent down payment become the rightful owners of the systems.
  • Register promptly to benefit from interest-free solar panels.


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