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EOBI Registration 2024 CNIC checks employee old-age benefits institutions EOBI registration 2024. To check your EOBI card status, please visit www.eobi.gov.pk. Step-by-step instructions for verifying your EOBI card status online at www.eobi.gov.pk. View online details about the insured person/employee here. Online status checks for pension claims. The Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution is the government of Pakistan’s pension, old-age benefits, and social insurance institution. The EOBI program is available to Pakistani public employees.

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The EOBI program has performed well in recent years. There is a growing trend of collections, employer & employee registrations, and investment portfolios. It serves as life and security insurance for seniors. The Employees Old Age Benefits Institute EOBI is a Pakistani organization that provides welfare for retired employees. The application process for EOIBs has been simplified by the Pakistani government. EOBI is a program for Pakistani public servants. The Ministry of Overseas & Human Resource Development Government of Pakistan manages the EOBI portal.

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It’s a form of insurance for the elderly and life insurance. Retirees can register their names to inquire about their status. All Pakistani citizens can access it online. It’s easy, cost-free, and available online. The online registration system has been made easier by the Government of Pakistan. EOBI stands for Employees’ Old Age Benefits Institution. Eligibility statuses can be verified by both men and women for EOBI records. Finally, the agreement was reached to increase the pension through the formal Pension Increase Notification 2024 EOBI Retirement Increase.

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To get a pension, check your EOBI status now. during government service. All federal government civil pensioners will be eligible for the 10% increase. It is also applicable to civilians who receive pay from the defense estimates. Public officials can benefit from this program with different objectives. To submit an online application, visit www.eobi.gov.pk The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Resource Development of Pakistan hosts the EOBI portal.

How To Check EOBI Verification By Cnic Online

Retirees can register their names and verify their status. It is easy and free online for all Pakistani citizens. To check the status of the EOBI card, enter the EOBI number as well as the new NIC and old NIC numbers. You can access the online service from Monday through Friday. The government offers online EOBI services as a result of modern technology. EOBI-registered employers can check your EOBI status periodically. Visit www.eobi.gov.pk to view your EOBI registration number.

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EOBI Pension Online

If you are a retired government employee seeking information on obtaining an EOBI pension, you have come to the appropriate website. Here, we will guide the process of acquiring your monthly pension. The EOBI pension is a portion deducted from the salaries of employed individuals. Employees are required to contribute 1% of their minimum wages as mandated by the government. To receive your pension, it is necessary to register for the EOBI program and subsequently obtain an EOBI pension card. Check Also STEM Registration 2024.


Many banks in Pakistan have partnered up with EOBI to provide pensions for retirees. For verification purposes, recipients will need to present some credentials. Senior citizens and retirees used to have to visit several offices each day in the past. Minimum 15 years of work that is insurable. A person who does not have at least 15 years of work that is insurable must still have at least 5 years of employment. However, he should not have less than 3 years before his invalidity. This practice caused them pain.

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Dear candidates, we have all the details about the EOBI registration evaluation. You can contact us via the comments section for more information. We will respond to your questions immediately. The EOBI Foundation for Employment of the Elderly has been heavily influenced and managed by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis. Human Resources Enhancement, a government management agency, is also a major influence.

EOBI Employees Old-Age Benefits 2024

It was created by EOBI in 1976 to allow public servants to provide a benefit to the elderly. This program allows registered employees to pay a portion of their salary for the entire duration of their employment. Each employee decides how much. If a person registers in EOBI and remains for a certain period, he can leave the company to start a new one.


If you have any question, please write below.

    Dear Sir
    I am a employ of PAKISTAN REFINERY since oct1995
    My name is MUHAMMAD ARIF as per CNIC#42101-4551422-9
    But in EOBI record my name shows MUHAMMAD ARIF KHAN
    Kindly correct your record as per my CNIC

    Respected sir
    I am working in Polio program as UCCO with Chip Training and Consulting (PVT) Ltd. Since 2013 I am female and my gender is incorrectly mentioned male in the EOBI Card / record.
    It is therefore requested to kindly change my gender from male to female.
    Name:Fozia Shafqat
    Gender: Female

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