Hajj Draw Result 2024 Pakistan

Posted by | Mohsin on | April 17, 2024

The Hajj Draw Result 2024 announcement is scheduled. EducationFirst.pk will publish the names and lists of successful Hajj candidates from Pakistan on the same date. Furthermore, detailed information about the Motawif Hajj Draw Result 2024 for successful candidates will be available on the website. Applicants awaiting the results can check for their names and determine their inclusion in the final Hajj Result 2024 lists.

www.hajjinfo.org Hajj Application Form, http://inquiry.hajjinfo.org Draw ResultHajj Draw Result 2024 Date

The Hajj Draw Result for the Hajj 2024 has been officially announced. The Federal Ministry of Religious Affairs has made available the computerized results of the Hajj Applications, conducted under the government scheme. To view the comprehensive results, please visit the official website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) at www.mora.gov.pk.

Today Hajj News in Pakistan

Following the completion of the balloting process, applicants will receive an SMS notifying them of the results. Additionally, the Ballot results will be accessible online by the end of the day.

Title: Hajj Draw Result
Draw Result Status: Announced
Hajj Draw Result 2024 Pakistan Check Online

برائے مہربانی اپنا نتیجہ دیکھنے کے لیے شناختی کارڈ نمبر یا حج درخواست نمبر درج کریں ۔

Ballot Result (Hajj 2024)

Hajj Balloting Result 2024

Hajj 2024 Balloting Results: Revealing the Journey to Pilgrimage, LIVE PKT. With millions of Pakistani hearts filled with anticipation, tomorrow, the long-awaited Hajj 2024 balloting results will be unveiled. This momentous announcement signifies the realization of hopes and prayers for more than 66,000 applicants who aspired to undertake the sacred journey to Makkah.

Motawif Hajj Draw Result 2024 online

The Motawif Hajj Draw Result will be available for online checking. We encourage applicants to review their basic information and group details. In case of any uncertainties, such as the absence of an additional Group Member, incorrect CNIC Number, incomplete basic information, or other errors, please contact the bank branch where you submitted your application for assistance.

E Hajj Login 2024

E Hajj Login revolutionizes the pilgrimage experience by seamlessly incorporating technology into the sacred journey of Hajj. This innovative platform provides pilgrims with a secure and user-friendly login process, streamlining everything from registration to accessing crucial travel-related information.

Hajj Application Status 2024

When the time came to announce the names for Hajj, the government published a waiting list for individuals facing decision-making challenges due to various issues. Consequently, those on the waiting list were given an opportunity. As soon as the government releases the merit lists for the Hajj 2024 waiting list, we will promptly share them on this website. Check Also Hajj Application Form 2024.


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