HEC USAT Online Registration 2023

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USAT Registration for ETC HEC 2023 admission is now open. HEC USAT Test Online Registration 2023 Schedule Dates Check this page. For registration purposes please go to the link http://etc.hec.gov.pk. The deadline for the HEC USAT 2023 registration online will be August 12th, 2023 and the entrance test will take place on August 28th, 2023. It is not certain when it will be. HEC, the Higher Education Commission HEC has announced the dates for the 2023 USAT Test. Higher Education Undergraduate Admission is open to candidates who wish to be admitted to an Associate Degree in the fields of Sciences, Arts, Commerce, or any other Undergraduate Discipline at any university HEC recognized as a university in Pakistan.

USAT HEC Test Online Registration 2023 Last date

The deadline for USAT Registration is on the 12th of August. After that, you’ll receive the roll number slips for the test that will take place on 28 August 2023. USAT Test Exam Pattern HEC Undergraduate Admission Test 2023. All information is available here.

hec.gov.pk Online Registration Fee Deposit SlipHEC USAT Online Registration 2023

HEC manages its Undergraduate Admissions Test (USAT). This Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) is scheduled to be administered every quarter in 2023. Candidates who wish to enroll for a BS qualification at any university should apply online by the deadline as applicants who fail the USAT exam will not be granted admission. The registration for the Usat test 2023 is almost complete. Registration for the 2023 Usat test is almost complete. The Higher Education Commission, via the Education Testing Council (ETC), will administer the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) to determine undergraduate admission.

HEC USAT Admission 2023 Registration Online

If you wish to join the Education Testing Council (ETC) and obtain your own username and password, go to their website using the button below. Colleges can accept the USAT results. Enter your full name and the surname you use for your father’s name as well as your country of origin as well as your CNIC number as well as a secure password as well as your phone number.

usat registration

Students who have successfully completed their Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or grade 12 education may apply for registration for the usat test in 2023. Students can also apply for the test if they have passed the final exam of HSSC and are waiting for the result. The last date for HEC USATT 2023online registration is August 12, 2023, and the USAT test will be held on August 28, 2023, tentatively.

hec.gov.pk Online Registration Fee Deposit Slip 2023

Here, you will find post online registration forms and eligibility requirements, as well as the deadline to submit applications and test dates, the results as well as the list of merits for the selected applicants. along with the applicant’s email address. Then when they click submit, they will be prompted to hit”Submit. and the email address of the recipient. USAT is built on as well as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and covers all the recognized undergraduate subjects of Engineering as well as Medicine Information Technology, Management, and Social Sciences.

USAT Test Online Registration 2023

After having passed the USAT students can apply to all colleges as they did in the SAT. The USAT admission test is scheduled to take place on the 12th of September, 2023. It is possible to be conducted by the Higher Education Commission and Education Testing Council. The application for the Usat test 2023 is available online here. Higher Education Undergraduate Admission is open to those who wish to earn associate degrees in the fields of Arts, Science, Commerce, or another Undergraduate Discipline at any college in Pakistan that is approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has accepted.

HEC Admission Test USAT Registration 2023 Online

It is a possibility to hold it on August 28, 2023? You can learn all you should be aware of in this test. USAT test. Pattern HEC undergraduate admission test 2023. HEC Undergraduate Studies Admission Test USAT 2023. Registration for the Usat test online 2023 is now open. Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) recently announced the fact that every Pakistani institution will be using the same entrance test for the admission of first-year students.

USAT Admission Test 2023

It is now the right moment to sign-up to take this test. HEC USAT Admission Test Online for 2023. (ETC). The last date to register for HEC USATT 2023 online registration is August 12, 2023, as well as The USAT test will take place on August 28th, 2023. It is based on the structure of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

Undergraduate Studies Admission Test 2023 Registration

Universities will take scores from Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) in 2023. Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad announced plans to offer a common test for undergraduate admissions across all universities of Pakistan. The test will be conducted each year at least four times. It is expected that the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) will be conducted quarterly in 2023. Colleges can accept the USAT results. How can I apply for the HEC Undergraduate Study Admission Test in 2023?

HEC USAT Test 2023 Registration

This Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) is administered by the Higher Education Commission Viz Education Testing Council (ETC) and is required for admission into an initial year of studies at all universities in Pakistan. Registration deadlines for the online test have been extended to August 2023. The USAT test date is on August 28, 2023. It is the USAT is an entrance exam for undergraduates that tests applicants’ capabilities and knowledge in all areas of medicine, engineering as well as the management of information technologies and social sciences.

HEC USAT Registration 2023 Undergraduate Admission

HEC USAT Online Registration

Please Sign in to Education Testing Council Pakistan. Enter your details below. CNIC/Passport *. Password. An authentic USAT score is an overall score greater than or equivalent to. A 100% score on the USAT is the most prestigious score. If additional tests are needed, they could be offered. Online enrollment is available and the annual test schedule will be published on the ETC website.

Registration Online

USAT Registration Online Here

It was the Higher Education Commission and the Education Testing Council (ETC) jointly implemented tests such as the SAT along with the ACT in 2023 as part of the United States Admissions Test (USAT) for college students who are in the first year of high school. Check out the following information to determine if you meet the criteria to take this online USAT Admission Test.

HEC ETC USAT Registration 2023

Create a new account and submit all the information required on http /etc.hec.gov.pk. To continue, you must input your email address and password. Then, log into your HEC ETC bank Challan. Before the deadline, you must be able to pay your non-refundable USAT fee of 1200 PKR. All payments, even ones made through challan must be deposited in Habib Bank Limited Account No. 1742 7900 1334 01.

HEC USAT Roll No Slip 2023 Written Test 28 July

In this regard to do, they used the SAT model was utilized as a model for the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (SAT). The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has introduced online degree attestation by creating their accounts on the HEC web link https://eservices.hec.gov.pk The USAT admissions test will most likely be administered by the Higher Education Commission and the Education Testing Council. Did you know that in 2023, a good Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score will be required to gain admission to any institution of higher learning in Pakistan?

Usat Test 2023 Registration Online

Registration for the 2023 U.S. Admissions Test will be open for anyone who has completed high school or has passed the equivalent (SAT). If you’ve passed your final HSSC test and are waiting to receive your results, you’re eligible to apply. Online Registration for ETC HEC 2023 is Now Open at www.etc.hec.gov.pk Login.

Last Date  12 August 2023
USAT  Test Date  28 August 2023
USAT Stand For Undergraduate Studies Admission Test
Conducted by HEC Education Testing Council

HEC USAT 2023 Syllabus

This United States Advanced Placement (USAT) test is available across all majors since the Higher Education Commission wants to assist students to apply to colleges. Admissions officers from colleges and universities will only accept applicants who have scored highly on the USAT. Students can submit their applications via the website of HEC. The coronavirus is keeping watch over everything to ensure the experiment is carried out correctly. The cost of the exam and application can be paid with simple mobile cash or jazz cash and both are accepted on the Internet.

Last date for USAT Registration 2023

Follow the link above to visit the official website of The Education Testing Council (ETC) and create an account. The fields below require your full name, father’s name, name, country of birth, CNIC number, password, and personal number. By filling in their information (name and postal code and email) and then clicking on the “Submit” button.

Categories of USAT test

Category Academic Discipline
USAT-E Pre-Engineering
USAT-M Pre-Medical
USAT-A Arts & Humanities
USAT-CS Computer Science

HEC USAT Admission Test Online Registration 2023

The sign-up window to take the HEC USAT Admission Test online in 2023 is now open (ETC). It is the Educational Testing Service that will be responsible for administering an SAT for Science admissions for a college freshman (ETS).

Syllabus for SEE-LAW for LAW Graduates of foreign Universities Admission


1) Constitutional History of Pakistan (Constitutional History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan).

2)  Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 (Fundamental Rights, i.e. Articles 8-24; Parliament, i.e. Articles 50-89; The Judicature, i.e. Articles 175-272).

Civil Procedure Code

1) CPC (Sections 9-12, 15-20, 47, 75, 96, 104, 115, 151. Orders 1, 6-9, 39, 41, 43).

Criminal Procedure Code

1)  Cr. P.C.

i) Chapter 1 (Preliminary Definitions).

ii) Chapter 5 (Arrest, Escape, and Retaking).

iii) Chapter 7 (Processes to compel the production of documents & other moveable property, and for the discovery of persons wrongfully confined).

iv) Chapter 8 (Security for keeping the peace and for good behavior).

v) Chapter 10 (Public Nuisance)

vi) Chapter 11 (Temporary orders in urgent cases of nuisance and apprehended danger).

vii) Chapter 14 (Information to the police and their powers to investigate-FIR).

viii) Chapter 16 (Complaints to the magistrate).

ix) Chapter 17 (The commencement of proceedings before the court).

x) Chapter 31 (of Appeals)

xi)  Chapter 39 (of Bail)

Law of Evidence
Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order, 1984 20%
Specific Relief Act
(Section 8-11, Rescission, Cancellation, Rectification of Instruments, Sections 42 and 56). 20%
Total 100%

USAT Entry Test Important Date

HEC Pakistan’s USAT test is based on the same format as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and is designed for incoming students in the fields of management, engineering medicine, information technology, and Social Sciences in Pakistan. If they could succeed in passing the USAT the student is able to enroll at any institution that is able to accept the SAT.

HEC Contact Information

Address: Head Office, Sector H-9, East Service Road, Islamabad

Phone: UAN: (051) 111-119-432

Website: www.hec.gov.pk

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