How to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Website

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How to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Website PTI It is reported that the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has officially launched Namanzoorcom website and Imran Khan making an official announcement via video message. The aim of Namanzoor.Here you will find out how to make a donation to Imran Khan’s Namanzoor Official Website from across the world. The website is designed to solicit donations from Pakistanis to support Imran Khan’s struggle against the change in regime outside of Imran Khan and to apply an influence on federal authorities to schedule elections. Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi Launched the website for Party Donation.

Imported government na manzoor websiteHow to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Website

Money collected through will be used to fund the PTI’s entire campaign for the election campaign. The website has been officially launched by the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. How can you donate to the Imran Khan Manzoor’s Website? Follow these steps. Imran Khan announced the official announcement via video messages and the website is live. Launching, the Imported government website, Government Na Manzoor means you’re an ex-Pakistani PM.

Imported government na manzoor website

It’s like you’re Shabaz Sharif now. What the website does is solicit contributions from Pakistanis who are in support of Imran Khan’s struggle against regime change that is not a part of Imran Khan’s government and to pressure the federal government to hold elections. The purpose of the website is to collect contributions from Pakistanis who reside in other countries than Pakistan. PTI website

The site will use the funds raised by to assist the PTI to carry out its entire campaign for election. The launch of the website was announced in a video message by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Friday. Is there an option to make a donation to their website of Imran Manzoor? Follow the instructions in the following steps. “Let’s end the plot and lead people towards the next election,” he urged.

How To Donate On Namanzoor com Website

People in Pakistan have named it since this new administration has been referred to as “Imported Government Namanzoor” via Twitter from the moment of taking office. Recent videos from Imran Khan suggest that an attempt by outsiders to topple the government was revealed. In the past six days, around 15 million tweets on the trend have been shared on Twitter. Two hundred million, he claimed have been deprived of dignity through the rule of corrupt Pakistani officials.

Imran khan donation website

Imran Khan contributes the money Namanzoor Website. People from Pakistan have chosen the name in recognition of the official name for the new government “Imported Govt Namanzoor,” which has become a topic of discussion on Twitter since it came into office. Chairman Imran Khan announced it on Twitter. In the past six days, more than 15 million tweets were posted about this trend on Twitter. He demanded Pakistanis who live outside of Pakistan to join him in the fight for their homes.

How to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Website?

Imran Khan funds raising Namanzoor Website was made public through Twitter on the day of its announcement by PTI Chairman offers an online tool that allows users to give to Pakistan’s Tehreek e-Insaf (PTI). Imran Khan was the one who called on Pakistanis who live outside the country to support him in the struggle for the nation Namanzoor.

Donations by Overseas Pakistanis

  • Go to
  • Click on the “click here to donate” button
  • After clicking you will be taken to the 2nd page to fill up a form.
  • Fill out this form and click submit.
  • SNow chose a payment method.
  • Two payment methods are available.
  • Paypal and Card Payment.
  • After payment, you will be provided with a receipt.

Namanzoor com pk Total Donation

Imran Khan has started giving money to right now which is good donation tool online that makes it simple to contribute to Pakistan’s Tehreek e-Insaf (PTI). In a political gathering, Pakistanis from other countries are asked to give cash. namanzoor com donation is started by the Imran khan now. The party blames the United States for the fall of Khan’s government.

How to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Website

Launched By Imran Khan
For Overseas Pakistanis
Type Donations
Start Date 15 April 2022
Website Link

How to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Website PTI website

Foreign Pakistanis are being invited to give to a party that blames the United States for the fall of Khan’s administration. Friday, Khan made money from Pakistanis living outside of the country so he could overthrow the “foreign-backed” government of Shehbaz Sharif, who is in charge of the country now. Khan issued a call for money to support his PTI political party by Pakistanis who live abroad on Friday, in order to take down his “foreign-backed” administration of Shehbaz Sharif. Website Crashes Due to High Traffic of Overseas Pakistanis

In an extremely humorous manner, Khan is asking Pakistanis who reside outside of Pakistan to contribute money to a party that claims to blame the United States for toppling his government. Foreign Pakistanis are being urged to donate money to Khan who is asking them to back the party that blames the United States for toppling his government in Pakistan. PTI website Details

In the tweet, he provided details about the website, which solicits donations from Pakistanis living outside the country to topple the administration of Shehbaz Sharif and stage new elections instead. In the tweet, he shared information about the namanzoor. In his view, the country’s 22 million inhabitants had been “forced” to submit to a corrupt government. that he described as a “Haqiqi-Azadi.”com site, that seeks donations from Pakistanis who are not in the country to take over Shehbaz Sharif’s government and hold new elections in the government’s place.

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What do you think is the most official site of PTI Pakistan for donations from abroad? Visit this page to find PTI’s official site. It is. According to him, the country’s 22 million residents have been “forced” to join the corrupt government and he named it “Haqiqi-Azadi.” Former PM Imran Khan claimed that the people of Pakistan ought to be able to decide among PTI PTI as well as those of the “corrupt Sharif family,” which was sentenced to three years in prison on corruption accusations.

Donations by Overseas Pakistanis

During his tenure as the Premier Imran Khan stated that citizens of Pakistan ought to be an ability to pick between the PTI and”the corrupt” Sharif family. Soon after his speech, the website was flooded with donations by Pakistanis that wanted to aid the PTI The website received an inordinate amount of visitors that they were waiting for a long time in order to donate. This was a group that was imprisoned for three years for corruption charges.

na manzoor com portal

If you’re a fan of Imran Khan and are interested in knowing what you can do to help the PTI financially, go to which is the main PTI platform. Soon after he announced that he would be donating to the PTI, was inundated with contributions by Pakistanis that wanted to support the PTI. When we learn that updated information is released we’ll share it with you.


Remember that the URL of the site is Many people went to the website to make a donation.

PTI Donation

They were required to wait in line for a while before they could donate. Shehbaz Sharif’s government was forced upon the Pakistanis Pakistan through a “foreign conspiracy,” according to the former Pakistani PM. The official PTI website is

PTI Funding website

If you’re an international admirer and supporter of the Imran Khan and would like to know how to donate money go to due to the support from the US an unjust administration has been able to take over Pakistan according to Khan who wants the country to hold new elections so that Pakistanis are able to decide their own fate in the country.

Imran Khan Donation PTI

When we learn the latest information is on the internet, we’ll be sure to inform you. is the address of the website. Be aware of this when you go to. A “threat letter” that was received from Pakistan’s Embassy located in the America United States was presented as evidence by former PM Imran Khan, days prior to the vote to remove no-confidence from his administration.

Imran Khan raises an Rs450 million donation through

It was the result of a “foreign conspiracy” that placed Shehbaz Sharif’s cabinet in the control of Pakistan according to the former prime minister of the country. More than 45 million rupees have been taken in just a few hours by the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Imran Khan through namanzoorcom. Because it is believed that the US has assisted Pakistan and a corrupt government has been able to take over, according to Khan. website

In the last month, Imran Khan, Pakistan’s former prime minister, revealed that he would solicit contributions from Pakistanis who live abroad through an online platform called Imported Government Na Manzoor (Namanzoorcom). He would like Pakistan to hold elections again in order that Pakistanis have the opportunity to decide on their own future in the country. In a video message to Pakistanis who live overseas, Imran Khan announced the website’s existence.

Go to Namanzoor Website

During the period leading up to an election of no confidence in Imran Khan’s government, the former prime minister utilized a “threat to send a letter” from the Pakistani Embassy in the United States as proof. Let’s put an end to the plot and bring the country to the polls and vote, Imran Khan urged.

na manzoor website

Donald Lu who is who is the US assistant secretary of state to South and Central Asia Affairs, told the Pakistani Ambassador, Asad Majeed, in a diplomatic letter that if Khan remains in power, it would affect the friendship between the two countries.


Support for Pakistan’s leadership has come from Pakistanis living abroad and has increased to levels that are unprecedented. The reports say that there was a feeling that the United States didn’t like Imran’s “independent foreign policy” as well as his trip to Moscow. The website crashed due to the huge number of visitors who are Pakistanis who live out of Pakistan. Imran Khan is requesting cash from Pakistanis living outside Pakistan in order to remove the current government.

namanzoor website

In an Instagram post that was shared, one Pakistani citizen who is not from Pakistan stated that his contribution page’s number is 2356. Around the sum of 450 million rupees has been raised to date according to him. Many believe that this is a historic decision made by the president, and enormous sums of money are being accumulated in anticipation of it.

namanzoor com pk website

It was reported that the US Vice Secretary of State, to South and Central Asia Affairs, Donald Lu warned the Pakistani Ambassador, Asad Majeed in diplomatic communication that the continued presence of Imran Khan as president will have repercussions on bilateral ties. Imran’s “independent international policy” and Moscow’s visit to Moscow irked Washington, United States, according to reports.


Imran Khan Seeks Donation From Overseas Pakistanis To Topple New Government.

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