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Posted by | Mohsin on | February 14, 2024

Verify your PEC Registration for the year 2024 online. If you hold a degree in engineering from a public or private university, you are eligible to apply for PEC registration, enabling you to become a member of the Pakistan Engineering Council. PEC facilitates the online registration process for professional engineers periodically. Numerous engineers in Pakistan have already completed their registration with PEC. If you have graduated from an HEC-accredited university in engineering, you are also eligible to obtain an affiliate card.

PEC Verification by CNICPEC Registration Online Check 2024 by CNIC

To confirm your PEC registration or obtain your PEC registration number using your CNIC, the process is straightforward. Alternatively, you can log in to your PEC account. If you wish to renew your PEC registration or verify your engineering firm’s registration, PEC offers a convenient online procedure for these purposes. Additionally, you can access a list of registered engineers with PEC and verify a firm by its name.

PEC Verification by CNIC

Obtain a specialized Challan form for PEC-Fee from MCB or HBL. In the event you are unable to locate one, you can utilize a standard bank deposit slip and furnish the required details.

PEC Engineer Verification Check Online
PEC CO Verification Check Online
PEC Consult Verification Check Online
PEC CO Lists Check Online
PEC Consult Lists Check Online

PECC Registration 2024 Portal Sign-Up

  • Go to the portal link
  • Click on the Create Account (Sign Up)
  • Enter Your Name
  • Enter your Phone Number
  • Provide your father’s & Spouse’s Name
  • Select Your Graduation Type
  • Enter your CNIC Number
  • Enter Your Email and Confirm the Email
  • Enter Your Password and Confirm your Password
  • Now Click on the Create button

How to Check PEC Registration 2024 by PEC Login?

The verification and registration of engineers’ information are managed by the Engineer Department at the Pakistan Engineering Council. The initial stage of verification with PEC involves engineer verification, where individuals possessing a valid PEC number can authenticate their details via the portal.

  • Sure, let’s go with Electrical Engineering.
  • Provide your PEC Registration Number if available.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code displayed in the image. If it’s difficult to read, you can request a new code or opt to have it read aloud.
  • Select the “Verify” button to confirm the registration status of the engineer.

PEC Account Information

If you belong to the categories of Engineer, Consultant, or Constructor/Operator, you can conveniently submit the PEC Registration/Renewal fee for your Certificates/Licenses by utilizing one of the two designated PEC online bank accounts:


Account No Branch Code


HBL 0042 7901 5786 03 0602 0000 4279 0157 8603
MCB 0685 5830 4100 5497 0069 PK08 MUCB 0685 5830 4100 5497

PEC Registration Renewal Online

When submitting an online payment, ensure to enclose the original acknowledgment receipt along with your accompanying documents. It is important to note that Cashier Cheques or Banker Cheques will not be deemed as valid forms of payment. Check Also STEM Registration 2024.

PEC Registration 2024 Online Procedure

  • Upon submission of the completed PEC 1-B form to the PEC office, they proceed to verify its contents. This verification process may result in one of two outcomes:
  • If the form is accurate and devoid of errors, it advances to the PE Registration Department for approval, followed by subsequent submission to the PE Enrollment Committee.
  • If errors are present, they return the document to you for correction.
  • Upon receiving approval from the Enrollment Committee, they enter the engineer’s information into a computer system and subsequently issue the Registration Certificate to the engineer.
  • The certificate remains valid for 3 years. Additionally, they provide a Renewal Card, which you can utilize to renew the certificate once the initial 3-year period elapses.
  • If you are not a resident of Pakistan, obtaining a temporary license from PEC is necessary before initiating any project. The fee for this license is Rs 1000, and its validity extends for one year, requiring annual renewal.
  • For additional information, please visit the PEC website and refer to the rules outlined in Byelaws clauses XII, XIII, and XIV.


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