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Ramzan Relief Package 2024, Exciting news awaits the people of Pakistan concerned about their expenditures during the sacred month of Ramadan. Commencing tomorrow, March 5, 2024, the national government will introduce the Ramadan Relief Package 2024, amounting to Rs7.492 billion, available at Utility Stores Corporation (USC) outlets.

Punjab Ramzan Rashan ProgramRamzan Relief Package 2024 Launched

Endorsed by the federal cabinet, this initiative is set to roll out during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, expected to commence in March. Tangsted beneficiaries can benefit from subsidies on 19 essential items, including flour, sugar, rice, lentils, cooking oil, spices, and beverages.

Punjab Ramzan Rashan Program 2024

A public awareness campaign through print and electronic media has been designated, with a budget of Rs. 145 million. The Ministry of Industries highlighted that a total of Rs. 25 billion has been earmarked in the budget for the focal year 2023–24 to subsidize essential items. This allocation encompasses both the Prime Minister’s Relief Package 2023–2024 and the Ramadan Relief Package 2024 distributed through USC outlets.

Ramzan Subsidy Check Online 2024

The tradition of providing subsidized rates on essential items during Ramadan through USC outlets traces its roots back to 1991. In alignment with suggestions from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding targeted subsidies, the government will exclusively extend subsidies to individuals registered in the PMT-40 database as beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP).

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Nigehban Ramzan Package Registration Online

In a bid to potentially expand assistance to an additional 12.73 million families, supplementing the existing 26.92 million served under PMT-40, the Ministry of Industries and Production recommends directing subsidies to beneficiaries registered under PMT-60. This move aims to broaden the scope of support during the Holy month.

Ramzan Relief Package 2024 Rates



Baisan/Chickpeas flour Discount of Rs50 per kg
Basmati Rice Discount of Rs25 per kg
Cooking Oil Discount of Rs25 per kg
Daal Chana Discount of Rs25 per kg
Daal Maash Discount of Rs25 per kg
Daal Masoor Discount of Rs25 per kg
Daal Moong Discount of Rs25 per kg
Dates Discount Rs50 per kg
Flour RS: 648 / 10 KG Bag
Ghee RS: 365 KG
Masala Discount of Rs10 per kg
Packaged Milk Discount of Rs30 per kg
Rooh Afza/Other Sharbat Discount of Rs15per bottle
Saila Rice RS: 365 KG
Sugar RS: 109 KG
Tea Discount of Rs100 per kg
Tota Rice Discount of Rs25 per kg
White Chana Discount of Rs25 per kg

Ramzan Ata Relief Programs

The primary objective behind introducing this package is to alleviate the financial strain on individuals with low incomes. Throughout the fasting month, it aims to provide easy access to essential household items at affordable prices, allowing people to worship Allah without the burden of financial concerns.

CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Ramzan Relief Package 2024

The government aims to employ targeted subsidies and an extensive awareness campaign to efficiently distribute aid, in line with IMF regulations. This initiative underscores the government’s steadfast commitment to advancing social welfare and offering support to the most vulnerable populations, particularly during religious holidays. Check Also BISP 8171 Result by CNIC.

Ramzan Relief Package 2024 In Pakistan

The government unveiled the Ramzan Relief Package 2024 a week before the commencement of the fasting month, anticipated to start on March 12. The primary objective is to extend relief to lower-income groups grappling with substantial inflation.


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